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Ayurveda & Allopathy approaches to Insomnia treatment. Which is better for you ?

Ayurveda & Allopathy approaches to Insomnia treatment. Which is better for you ?

Insomnia, also known as sleeplessness, is a sleep disorder characterised by individuals having difficulty sleeping for either short or long periods of time. Sleep is essential for many reasons, and the body requires it for optimal functioning… read more

An Emerging Epidemic: The Rise of Chronic Back Pain Despite Normal Medical Test Results

An Emerging Epidemic: The Rise of Chronic Back Pain Despite Normal Medical Test Results

Picture this: a patient walks into a doctor’s room, complaining of excruciating back pain. They’ve undergone various tests, from X-rays to MRIs, yet the results show nothing out of the ordinary. It’s a puzzling scenario, but not an uncommon one, and such cases are on the rise across our clinic and online practice…  Read More

How is Ayurveda able to Avoid Surgery in Herniated disc patients

How does Ayurveda help in avoiding surgery for herniated disc patients?

Over the past two decades, I’ve encountered two common questions from patients dealing with herniated disc issues. In this blog, I aim to address these primary concerns one by one. Please note that I won’t delve into extensive explanations about what a herniated disc is or the symptoms associated with it in this article. …  Read More

Home Remedies vs. Doctor Consultation

Ayurvedic Tips: Home Remedies vs. Doctor Consultation for Dandruff and Hair Fall

I recently read an interesting article on money control stating that 70% of Indians struggle with dandruff. Considering the number of patients we see, especially working men with dandruff and associated hair fall complaints, this percentage could have increased even more. …  Read More

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Why are more and more people opting for Ayurveda for Tinnitus treatment?

At UWAY, we’ve noticed a significant surge in Tinnitus cases, with a remarkable 40% increase over the past six months, which includes children. In this article, we will delve into the causes, symptoms, conventional treatments for Tinnitus and much more …  Read More

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How is Ayurveda able to avoid surgery in cervical spondylosis issues?

How does Ayurveda manage to circumvent surgical interventions for cervical spondylosis, even when multiple physicians have recommended surgery? …  Read More

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Ayurvedic Management of Ankylosing Spondylitis: The holistic way

Ankylosing Spondylitis typically begins in early adulthood, usually between the ages of 17 and 45..Read More

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Ayurveda & Yoga: The Perfect Combination For A Healthy Lifestyle

Ayurveda, often referred to as the “Science of Life,” is an ancient system of medicine that originated in India over 5,000 years ago..Read More

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Ayurvedic Insights: Fast Food Impact on Your Child’s Health

Eating fast food three times a week may lead to asthma and eczema in children.. Read More….

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Ayurvedic vs. Allopathic Treatments: Cervical Spondylosis Guide

Cervical spondylosis, also called arthritis of the neck, is an age-related degeneration ..Read More..

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Rising Trend: Parents Choosing Ayurvedic Child Health Care

Your child’s health is the foundation of all growth and development, which includes their physical growth.. Read More..

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Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOD/PCOS

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the most common hormonal disorder in females of..Read More..

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Treating Infertility with Ayurveda

Female infertility is defined as the inability of a woman to conceive or carry a pregnancy to its full term.
.. Read More..

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Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOD or PCOS: Can it really Provide a Lasting Solution?

In the past two years, particularly since the start of the pandemic, the number of women..Read More..

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Why do women get constipated more often than men?

Constipation is when you have fewer than three bowel movements a week with stools that may be hard..Read More..

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Navigating the Challenges of Eczema: Understanding Treatment Options in Ayurveda

The prevalence rate of Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis is rising. It affects 15-30% of children and 2-10% of adults..Read More

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Managing Diabetes with Ayurveda: Types, Symptoms & Remedies

As you know, Diabetes is a chronic medical condition characterized by high levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood…Read More

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Ayurvedic Insights: Nurturing Child’s Health through Nutrition

Good nutrition can have an overwhelming effect on your child’s healthy growth..Read More..