Fast Food and its consequences on your child – Ayurveda perspective

Posted by Dr. PT Kesavan Nambisan
Beyond the Burger: Understanding the Ayurvedic View on Fast Food and Its Impact on Your Child’s Health
The importance of proper nutrition is undeniable at every stage of life. Even with a wealth of available information, it cannot be an easy task many a times, to work out healthy eating habits for your child, especially with the easily available junk or convenience foods that are being advertised so rampantly and incessantly.
“Eating fast food three times a week may lead to asthma and eczema in children“
say researchers who have looked at global disease and dietary patterns.

What are fast-foods?

The term fast food or junk food is generally used to describe all kinds of food that have little to no nutrition as compared to healthy foods. The typical junk food is rich in fats, sugars, and sodium, but has little to no important nutrients, such as protein, minerals, and vitamins and dietary fiber. Few common examples include chips, fries, soft drinks, ice cream, sweets and so on.

Harmful effects of fast-food on children’s health

Most often fast foods have become a popular choice for children because it is designed to taste great. Occasionally, even parents tend to prefer it because fast food is typically more convenient as it needs no cooking or preparation.
However, the biggest problem with exposing your child to fast food is that it is easily addictive and it develops unhealthy eating habits that your children may tend to keep for the rest of their lives.
Having junk food regularly can cause an imbalance in nutrients that can negatively impact your child’s health and lead to long-term complications such as obesity, low self-esteem, depression, and even affect their performance in school and in extracurricular activities

What is Junk Food according to Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda, health as well as the disease is caused by the Ahara (food). Certain foods such as processed foods, deep-fried foods, excessive sugar, foods that are high in saturated fats and preservatives, as well as foods that are difficult to digest, such as heavy meats and dairy products are considered as junk foods or Viruddha Ahara (incompatible foods).  These foods can exert opposite or undesirable effects on the body and regular consumption of these incompatible foods or Viruddha ahara can lead to various diseases according to ayurveda.


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