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UWAY specializes in providing unique, personalized Ayurvedic treatment plans that cater to each individual’s needs and goals. Our team of experienced Ayurvedic doctors excels in Treating Cervical Spondylosis through specialized techniques like Ayurvedic nutrition, herbal medicines and dietary changes.

Traditional treatment options available for infertility cases at Uway involve oral medications. In cases which do not respond to a conventional treatment regimen, we use detoxification treatment options like panchakarma.

The UWAY treatment for infertility cases is extremely safe and effective. However, the ultimate outcome would vary from person to person and would be determined by several factors like the patient’s age, underlying health condition etc.

UWAY provides Ayurvedic treatment for all stages of cervical spondylosis. Whether it’s early-stage degeneration or more advanced wear and tear on your spine, our specialized Ayurvedic measures effectively manage all cervical spondylosis disorders.

UWAY’s doctors diagnose cervical spondylosis and other conditions in online consultations by:

Reviewing your existing medical records, especially if you’re an existing patient.
Engaging in a detailed discussion about your symptoms and medical history.
If needed, recommending further medical tests like MRI/CT scans, X-rays, blood tests, or nerve tests.

Ayurveda medications are usually a very safe and effective option for treating menopause.
At UWAY, our doctors prescribe only proven medicines from well-established and reputed ayurvedic medicine manufacturers. However, just like certain foods do not always agree with everyone, a few ayurvedic medicines may cause mild side effects in some patients. This is very rare though.  In case you notice any such issue you can always talk to your consulting doctor or our medical team.

Ayurvedic treatment of menopause include physical as well as psychological management. A combination of oral medications, external oil therapies, lifestyle and dietary modifications. Psychosomatic stability is enhanced with meditation and yoga.

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