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Every day our doctors help patients avoid surgery for spondylosis through proven Kerala Ayurveda medicines with out side-effects or hospitalisation

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    "Give your body a chance to heal naturally."

    Dr. P. T. Kesavan Nambisan
    Chief Consultant, UWAY Health.

    Cervical spondylosis is a natural age-related degeneration, that affects your cervical spine(neck) causing intense pain and discomfort. Yet, there is an increase in the numbers of this condition today among the young and middle age groups too, primarily due to changes in lifestyle and working conditions.

    In India, we have been effectively treating Spondylosis with Ayurveda across generations. It’s a proven method for either curing or managing the condition in the most natural way. At UWAY, we integrate traditional Kerala Ayurvedic medical practices with modern diagnostics to optimize patient outcomes.

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    The Most Experienced Team of Ayurveda Doctors for Cervical Spondylosis Treatment

    Dr. P T Keshavan Nambisan

    Sr. Consultant
    20+ Years of Experience

    Dr. Ranjani Karthik

    Sr. Consultant
    20+ Years of Experience

    Dr. D. M. Roopa

    Sr. Consultant
    20+ Years of Experience

    Dr. Karthik Pandit

    Sr. Consultant
    20+ Years of Experience

    Dr. Shreesha Krishna

    Sr. Consultant
    20+ Years of Experience

    Dr. Logeshwari

    Sr. Consultant
    20+ Years of Experience

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    UWAY : #1 Online Clinic for Cervical Spondylosis Treatment


    World Class Doctors

    Top of the class doctors who have proven expertise in treating serious & chronic diseases.  Track record of treating over 500,000 patients across geographies.


    Kerala Ayurveda With Modern Diagnostics

    Potent combination of traditional Kerala Ayurveda with the strength of modern diagnostic techniques, come together to give better patient outcomes.


    Easy Access to Doctors

    Consult with top doctors for the disease, from the comfort of your home.


    Transparent & Ethical

    UWAY Health operates with the highest level of transparency.  We believe in doing what is correct for the patient that gives them the best long term disease remedy.


    At UWAY Health, we offer treatment for all stages of Cervical Spondylosis. Whether you are in the early stages of the disease or it has been acute for a period of time now, UWAY provides specific treatment protocols to provide lasting remedy for the disease.

    During the initial stage of treatment for Cervical Spondylosis, simple Home Treatments, including dietary and lifestyle changes, internal medications, and oil applications, are employed. Within just 2-3 weeks, patients often experience substantial relief from weakness and numbness.


    The Ayurvedic approach for Cervical Radiculopathy targets the root cause by using therapies like Abhyanga, Swedana, and Panchakarma to reduce inflammation and stiffness in the affected area. Within 4 weeks of treatment, many patients report significant pain relief and improved mobility.


    The treatment approach for Cervical Myelopathy focuses on reforming balance and strengthening the musculoskeletal system. It includes herbal medicines and gentle exercises to enhance flexibility and posture. In less than 2-3 weeks, patients experience less pain, more flexibility, and better balance.

    Why Do Patients Choose UWAY?

    Our doctor have a track record of helping 85 % of the patients avoid surgery

    Pain come back when you stop taking pain killers and you want to avoid long term side-effects

    Physiotherapy is a long process that treats symptoms. Daily sessions can be expensive and time consuming.

    ayurveda musculoskeletal doctor

    You have been undergoing treatment for a long time but still don’t know the root cause of the pain.

    Diagnosis And Treatment Spine Diseases

    You have been undergoing treatment for a long time but have not got the desired results.

    In some cases Cervical Spondylosis cannot be cured, but Ayurveda can help to manage to lead a normal life with out side-effects

    What Our Patients Say

    Hear from our patients about their treatment journey

    ” My back condition has significantly improved. I now experience enhanced mobility and can move freely without discomfort. It has been a life-changing experience! I would like to wish Dr. Keshavan and his team all the best in their venture!“

    Ranjana Kumar

    Ms. Ranjana Kumar

    Former Chairman,
    Indian Bank, Canara Bank & NABARD
    Former Commissioner
    Central Vigilance Commission of India

    “I had neck pain in 2016, which radiated to my hand, causing numbness in my fingers. An orthopaedic doctor advised surgery due to two cervical spine disc prolapses pressing a nerve. I consulted Dr. Keshavan & took medications for 3 months and was completely cured. I apply oil to my neck and shoulders twice a week and have not had any pain or numbness in the last 5 years.”

    Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 9.26.12 PM

    Prof. N. Sambhava

    Retd. HOD, J.S.S. Mysore

    ” I am extremely grateful to Dr. Keshavan for his exceptional expertise and care. Under his guidance, my condition has significantly improved, allowing me to function effectively in my day-to-day business activities. “


    Mrs. Thamizharasi Ramamoorthy

    Founder & Chairman
    Micron Technologies

    Prevent Surgery Through Ayurveda

    Are you or a loved one suffering from cervical spondylosis and seeking alternatives to surgery? Join us for an enlightening discussion with our senior consultant doctor as they share invaluable insights on how to manage and potentially avoid surgical interventions for cervical spondylosis.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to access the expertise of our senior consultant doctor and embark on a path towards a healthier, surgery-free future. Watch the video now and take the first step towards managing cervical spondylosis with confidence.

    In this informative video, our esteemed expert delves into a holistic approach to cervical spondylosis management.

    This video is a valuable resource for patients seeking alternatives to surgery and caregivers looking to support their loved ones on the journey to cervical spondylosis recovery. By implementing the expert guidance provided, you can make informed decisions that prioritize non-surgical solutions.

    Avoiding Surgery - A Case Study

    I had a follow-up MRI scan, and it shows some good results, compared to my previous MRI from September 7th, 2018, there has been a significant reduction in the disc bulge at the C5-6 level and a marked reduction in the left foraminal disc protrusion at the C6-7 level.

    UWAY Patient (Name Withheld)

    Male, 47 Years

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below, you'll find commonly asked questions by our patients. If you have any additional questions not covered in this FAQ, please feel free to reach out to our patient coordinator.

    Consult the best and the most experienced doctors for spondylosis from the comfort of your house, making what was once challenging now effortless.

    Our success rate is above 90% (patients who have reported significant improvement is symptoms or was able to avoid surgery)

    Cost of overall treatment is significantly lower then other options (80% of patients are treated using just classical ayurveda medicines and lifestyle changes)

    No, Ayurveda has limitations, and not all conditions can be effectively treated. Our doctors will assess your condition during the first consultation to determine if UWAY can provide effective treatment. As an ethical healthcare provider founded by both Allopathic and Traditional Kerala Ayurveda doctors, UWAY will not accept cases where Ayurveda may not be the best option for the patient.

    Our experienced doctors typically spend an average of 15-30 minutes on a video call for each consultation . The doctor’s fee is Rs 500, and any follow-up consultation within 7 days is provided free of charge.

    UWAY’s doctors diagnose cervical spondylosis and other conditions in online consultations by:

    • Reviewing your existing medical records, especially if you’re an existing patient.
    • Engaging in a detailed discussion about your symptoms and medical history.
    • If needed, recommending further medical tests like MRI/CT scans, X-rays, blood tests, or nerve tests.

    At UWAY, our consultation pricing is Rs. 500. We prioritise connecting you with the country’s top doctors, ensuring the best treatment at a relatively lower cost than physical consultations.

    No, our doctors prescribe medicines from leading Ayurvedic manufacturers readily available at local pharmacies. If you face any challenges in obtaining them, UWAY can arrange doorstep delivery.

    Yes. Online consultation for spondylosis at UWAY is not only effective but also cost-effective. UWAY doctors relay on modern diagnostics and proven traditional Kerala Ayurveda protocols to treat spondylosis

    • 90% of the patents who come to UWAY for spondylosis treatment have already undergone some treatment or doctor consultation.
    • Our doctors spend 15- 30 minutes on video call with you during the first consultation
    • Doctors throughly examine your existing medial reports before the online consultation and may recommend further tests (which you can do locally and share the repots)
    • The aim is to treat with medicines and lifestyle modifications. Ayurveda therapies are prescribed only when it’s unavoidable.

    While we do not provide free consultations, our highly experienced doctors are in high demand, serving patients worldwide. We value their time and expertise. If you face financial constraints, please reach out to our patient coordinator for possible assistance on a case-by-case basis.

    Book an appointment with our Cervical Spondylosis Specialists

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    UWAY Health

    Every day our doctors help patients avoid surgery for spondylosis through proven Kerala Ayurveda medicines with out side-effects or hospitalisation

      Patient Medical Details Form
      1. Do you have any existing medical reports with you? Yes - MRIYes - XRayOther Reports